Fine belt buckles come with genuine leather

Not only that, but the finest belt buckles available are made from the best metals sourced, from gold to aluminum. Traditionally and generally to do with accommodating limited budgets, most belt buckles are provided to discerning customers in stainless steel. Either way, the best crafted belt buckles for men are made to last and are essentially unbreakable, formidably mirroring the strength of its wearers. Not only that, the best crafted belt buckles are the finest in the sense of high fashion.

Like much of all man’s attire, including his shoes, and even if these were once defined as slippers, belts have been around for centuries, even if once upon a time it was merely a functional clothing appendage almost string-like in appearance to hold the gentleman’s trousers up and perfectly proportioned. Speaking of which, perfect apportionment today entails the finest genuine leather accompanying the smartly designed stainless steel or aluminum belt.

It is almost a cliché to be saying this at this time, but belts and their smart buckles come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally, men’s buckles are fashioned in the imperfectly (deliberately so) oval shape and square and rectangular shapes. Style gurus suggest that men maintain their attire well by persisting with the square or rectangular buckle. Better still, go for both. And go for a range of belts to match all occasions, from straight formal to gay and casual.

In the latter sense, the more eclectic, daring and extroverted among men will continue to dare with the more feminine oval shaped buckles. Particularly for the smart occasion, it remains essential for men to match their leather and steel belts well with their leather shoes, square toed or austere brogue, and vice versa.